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This page provides a detailed walkthrough of the first subunit of the Memory unit. You can also see exactly what the students see by clicking here.

As a reminder, here’s a screenshot of the Memory unit.


The Memory 1 subunit provides an overview of memory systems and types of memory tasks. When the students click on the link for Memory 1 Lecture and Quiz, here’s what they see:Memory1

When a student clicks the link for the lecture video, a new window appears with the lecture video:


This shows that there are eight video segments, each about 5 minutes long, in this subunit. The student would begin by clicking “Begin First Segment.” The first video segment would then be displayed:At the end of the lecture segment, a quiz question automatically appears. We call these “embedded quiz questions” because they are embedded within a subunit lecture (after each 5-minute video segment). These embedded quiz questions do not contribute to the student’s grade. Here’s an example from the Course Intro subunit:

Note that the student can click the “Back” button to return to the video before answering the question. Students report that they do this frequently.

After completing the subunit lecture, the student goes back to the Modules Tool and clicks on the link for the quiz for that subunit (see bottom of screenshot below). We call this a “SmartSite quiz” because it is delivered via the SmartSite LMS rather than being embedded within the web page for a subunit lecture. Each SmartSite quiz has 5 questions that cover the preceding subunit lecture material, and scores on SmartSite quizzes contribute to the students’ grades.

Some details and general thoughts about the online quizzes can be found in the page on Online Quizzes.

Up next: Additional Information About the Online Quizzes